Vip Services

About Us

Valde Regiis was founded with an aspiration to cover the need for exceptional, truly personalized VIP services in Mykonos. Since then, we have been serving clients looking for first-class services and we have been relying on their valuable feedback to always go one step further. Today, we take pride in offering a wide range of booking, transportation and security services of unparalleled quality on the “Island of the Winds”. Our long-standing experience of more than a decade in the luxury tourism industry in Mykonos, has led to our gaining a thorough understanding of the island’s special character and its visitors’ needs. Thus, we have managed to establish trusting relationships both with well-respected businesses in the island and with returning clients who entrust us to make their stay in Mykonos an unforgettable experience of absolute safety and comfort.

Our Values

Our core values are what sets us apart, shapes our culture, and influences our business practices and customer service. Every aspect of our services is defined by:

Commitment to clients: Client satisfaction is our top priority. Each service is fully tailored to your personal needs and preferences, to ensure that you enjoy the highest level of support during your stay in Mykonos and that you leave the island completely pleased with our services.

Complete safety: When it comes to security and transportation services, total safety is non-negotiable. To ensure safety, our services are only provided by appropriately qualified staff while our equipment and vehicles are regularly maintained.

Privacy and confidentiality: Ensuring privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance for us. During our collaboration you can rest assured that your privacy will be totally respected and any sensitive information you share with us will be considered and treated as highly confidential.

Fostering trusting relationships: Our most valuable asset and the cornerstone of our success are our returning clients and the referrals we get from them. For this reason, we aim at creating a long-lasting relationship, based on mutual trust, with each and every one of our clients.

Open communication and accountability: We strongly believe that listening carefully to our clients’ needs, suggestions and feedback is the only way we can be further improved, and we encourage open communication during our every interaction with you.

If you feel that our core values and business practices resonate with what you are looking for in a collaboration, we would be honored to discuss with you the ways we can make your stay in Mykonos a lasting, memorable experience.

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